Sector – Industrial / DataCentre’s

Data Centre Slough

Building Type: Data Centre 

End Client: Infinity SDC

Consulting Engineer: Red Engineering 

Contractor: Mace

Equipment Supplied:  Dynamic set point free cooling chillers & Computer Room Air Conditioning Unit (CRAC) Units. 


ACR News Article - May 2018

AEUK save our client £50,000.00 per month 

ACR News latest case study demonstrates how AEUK LTD 'where Engineering meets Distribution' & Aermec worked together with Red Engineering to design a bespoke cooling solution for one of the UK's leading multinational financial Datacentre's where a billion transactions a second are completed. AEUK's applied engineering via our in house chartered engineering team, along with Aermecs Eurovent certified products & Europes largest HVAC testing chambers enabled AEUK to deliver reliable, robust, energy saving product & whilst also saving our client £50,000 a month through 100% free cooling.